Umkämpfte Bewegungen nach und durch EUropa

Jg. 3, Heft 1/2017


Mathias Fiedler, Fabian Georgi, Lee Hielscher, Philipp Ratfisch, Lisa Riedner, Veit Schwab, Simon Sontowski de en
Umkämpfte Bewegungen nach und durch EUropa
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Carole Reckinger, Gilles Reckinger, Diana Reiners
Bitter Oranges
African Migrant Workers in Calabria

Bitter Oranges. African Migrant Workers in Calabria. Conditions are harsh for around 3000 workers from different African countries who work as orange pickers in Calabria and live in make-shift camps outside the city center. The migrant workforce in Southern Italy provides cheap fruits for the whole of Europe. Photo taken by Carole Reckinger.


Katherine Braun, Robert Matthies
Ökonomisierte Menschenrechte
Meritokratische Bürgerschaft am Beispiel des ›Genfer Wegs‹

Jacob Lind, Maria Persdotter
Differential Deportability and Contradictions of a Territorialised Right to Education
A Perspective from Sweden

Fiorenza Picozza
Dublin on the Move
Transit and Mobility across Europe’s Geographies of Asylum

Lisa Riedner
Aktivierung durch Ausschluss
Sozial- und migrationspolitische Transformationen unter den Bedingungen der EU-Freizügigkeit

Bue Rübner Hansen, Manuela Zechner
Intersecting Mobilities
Declassing and Migration from the Viewpoint of Organising within and against Precarity

Gabriella Alberti
The Government of Migration through Workfare in the UK
Towards a shrinking Space of Mobility and Social Rights?

Bitter Oranges. African Migrant Workers in Calabria. Access to running water is only available in four outdoor sanitary containers. The capacity of the camp is by far insufficient to accommodate around 3000 workers during the harvest season. Photo taken by Carole Reckinger.


Laura Scheinert
Collapsing Discourses in Refugee Protection Policies
Exploring the Case of Germany’s Temporary Humanitarian Admission Programmes

Kiri Santer, Vera Wriedt
(De-)Constructing Borders
Contestations in and around the Balkan Corridor in 2015/16

Fritz Rickert
Preparing for More
Europäische ›Grenzsicherung‹ vor dem Hintergrund des neuen Migrationsgesetzes in der Türkei

Mathias Fiedler, Lee Hielscher
Aus den Kreisläufen des ›Schweinesystems‹
Die Fleischindustrie im Oldenburger Münsterland als Regime von Mobilität und Ausbeutung

Bitter Oranges. African Migrant Workers in Calabria. A mobile phone is an indispensable possession. It serves as a connection to the family, a way to share information with each other, and as a replacement for a residential address. Photo taken by I.


Miriam Lang
Den globalen Süden mitdenken!
Was Migration mit imperialer Lebensweise, Degrowth und neuem Internationalismus zu tun hat

Aino Korvensyrjä
The Valletta Process and the Westphalian Imaginary of Migration Research

Anja Breljak
Subjektivierungsgefüge Grenzkontrolle
Warten, sich ausweisen, weitergehen?

Bitter Oranges. African Migrant Workers in Calabria. R. has one of the few fridges in the tent city and sells some typical African ingredients, besides canned food and drinks. To buy the former, she regularly takes a train to Naples, 400 km to the north. Photo taken by Carole Reckinger.


Nina Kullrich
»A Bridge between the Refugee Movements and the Feminist Movements«
An Interview with Bethi Ngari

Emal Ghamsharick, Leila Saadna, Nadiye Ünsal
Mall of Shame – Pay your workers!
An Interview with Bogdan Droma


Mathias Fiedler
Mall of Berlin: Built on exploitation
A Video Collage

Mall of Berlin: Built on exploitation. A Video Collage. Construction worker Elvis Iancu explains how he slept in a container during the protest at the construction site, because the whole group of workers was homeless at the time. The still is part of the video collage by Mathias Fiedler in this issue.