In Solidarity with Purged Academics and Activists in Turkey and Elsewhere

Editorial Board

Not all authors in Turkey are currently able to publish their articles. Many pages stay empty. As editors of this special issue we express our full solidarity with the Academics for Peace, who had to face dismissal, firing, mobbing and every form of repression by their universities, and with those civil society members in Turkey who are silenced and imprisoned due to the ongoing crackdown on human rights by the Turkish government. If you want to show solidarity with the intellectuals and academics affected by the oppressions of the Turkish state and elsewhere, consider getting involved with the Off-University. It is a Berlin-based initiative aimed to provide new and emancipatory education and research opportunities for academics from Turkey and other anti-democratic regimes who are dismissed, forced to leave their posts or had been prosecuted due to their research and public statements, and for those who want to support these academics. Off-University is designed as an online education model which allows active participation of researchers and students unable to be mobile for various reasons. For further information please visit

  • Volume: 3
  • Issue: 2
  • Year: 2017