CfP | movements 6 (1) | Open Call

With movements issue 4 (2) we have introduced the open call format. Before, each issue of movements used to have a thematic focus that all contributions needed to adhere to. We will still publish special issues or special sections within the scope of the on-going movements issues, however, following the establishment of our open call format, we want to open up movements to more current submissions without the precondition of having to reference a specific theme set by us.

In this way, we are hoping to be able to react more quickly to current developments in the highly dynamic field of research on migration, racism and borders. Moreover, we hope to create a space for debates and discussions that can span several issues. Through this format, we would like to open up movements for topics and questions raised by critical research on migration, racism and borders that have possible not been on our radar as an editorial board.

For issue 6 (1), scheduled to be published at the end of 2020, this is the second thematically open call for contributions. They can be submitted as full text contributions until 31 March 2020 17 April 2020.

We are looking forward to submissions focussing on topics that cover the domains of migration, borders and racism in a broader sense, including fields like critical surveillance studies, political economy, struggles of migration, analyses of migration politics and policies, racial profiling or studies on institutions of control in general. We particularly appreciate contributions addressing gender and sexuality from a theoretical, methodical or content-related perspective. Similarly, we appreciate contributions dealing with the summer of migration, which will have its fifth anniversary in 2020, or its consequences.

We kindly ask for the submission of fully completed drafts, falling into one of the following three categories:

  1. Academic articles, undergoing a double-blind peer review (60,000 characters max., including spaces, footnotes and literature).

  2. Interventions, i.e. political and theoretical-political position papers in an essayistic format (30,000 characters max.).

  3. Workshop reports, interviews, reviews (30,000 characters max.).

After submission, the procedure will be as follows: the editorial team will make a first assessment for movements concerning the potential of the contributions. After a positive decision, academic articles will undergo a double-blind peer review procedure. Comments and proposals for modification will be communicated in a transparent and constructive process between the authors and the editorial board of movements. The final decision about the acceptance of an article is made by the editorial team.

Texts can be written in English or German, or other languages upon request.

Contributions envisaged to be published in issue 6 (1) need to be submitted until 31 March 2020 17 April 2020 as fully completed texts. All contributions need to already adhere to the movement stylesheet at its first submission. All academic articles need to be submitted in two versions: as an anonymised as well as a non-anonymised document.

We also invite proposals for artistic contributions to the new issue.

Further questions and submissions of contributions via:

Further information about the journal and the review process: